The Curious Incident of my Ability to Obsess

I promise I have other topics for later today, but in the meantime I’ll need one of you to come tie my hands together so I don’t end up responding to That Guy’s email to ask if he wrote me solely because he saw the “closure” post the other day.*

It’s TOO big a coincidence to be anything else.

And with that, fuck this. I have awesome to be. (Let’s see if that posturing is effective.)

*If you need to make the hand tying kinky, though, I can probably work with that. 

EDIT: Crisis averted! Never underestimate the healing powers of red lipstick, great hair, coffee, and music. (Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk” and The Band Perry, “Done,” if you wondered.)

Cool Girl’s guide to holiday tEXting

It’s probably a good, healthy step this long after a breakup to not wish each other Merry Christmas, not out of anger or spite, but because you’re busy living your lives.

I mean, unless you’re me, and will sit here stewing about it at the end of the day but not saying it first because you sent the last text yesterday, and you have too much pride to say it first because remember you said “Happy Thanksgiving” first?

Ahem. Not that that’s happening… Because that would be lunacy.

My wine and I are going to bed.