Not THAT kind of job!

It’s pretty bad that I’m nervous about getting a job partly because I know my over/under (erm, so to speak…) on getting involved with coworkers. I run mental fuck numbers on passers-by while I wait for my interviewers.

Of course, maybe getting some ass on a conference room table will help me forget the two hopeless crushes I have.

Dare to dream, people. Dare to dream.

Technology is the worst.

I went on LinkedIn, and looked at who’s looked at my profile. (Because I am narcissistic.)

Um, yeah. You know who’s looked at me? The wife of some guy I used to work with and sleep with back in 2003. The job I met him at isn’t even listed on my LinkedIn profile, it was that long ago.

Why does weird shit with people’s husbands always happen to me on the Internet?

(By the way, he was single back then. I wasn’t fucking anyone’s husband.)