UNF! I’ve never wanted you more.

There may be some passive-aggressive Facebooking going on over at New Lad’s page. ‘Cause we all know nothing gets someone back in your bed quite like Vaguebooking. No, really, I will now remain forever incomplete as a woman — nay, as a human being! — until he “likes” my vagina once again.

I hope I’m misinterpreting. I’d like to think I wouldn’t sleep with anyone so juvenile, but once you’ve considered saying “Use your words” to a 37-year-old man in a cartoon-dog t-shirt whose affinity for your breasts borders on Oedipal, it’s tough to give him the benefit of the doubt on maturity.

Read this…but only if you don’t hate me…

It’s as if the universe gave me this “relationship” just to show me what a passive-aggressive asshole I can be, like I’m supposed to see everything I hate about myself.

Um… The more you know…?

I’m not this time, he is. But it’s irritating and flummoxing.

This is why, though I’m looking for *some* commonality, I really can’t date someone who’s JUST like me, personality-wise. Because I can be kind of a dick.