Will work for fried food and cuddles.

Aw, yeahhh. Rockin’ Friday night to kick off the holiday weekend… in my hometown, babysitting an old friend’s kid. 


“Just hold the baby like you’d hold a football.”

“This IS how I would hold a football!”

(Kidding. Getting paid in cheesesteaks and toddler snuggles really doesn’t suck.)

Life imitates “Friends”

Rachel: “Monica, what are you doing?”

Chandler: “Well, she spent the last 6 months getting over him, and now she’s celebrating that by…going on a date with him.”

Monica: “It’s not a date! I’m just gonna teach him how to make a lasagna for some potluck dinner he has.”

Joey: “Well, you might wanna make a little extra, because, ya know, you’ll probably be hungry after the sex.”

Monica: “We’re not gonna have sex! OK, nothing’s changed here — he still doesn’t want children and I still do. So that’s why we’re gonna just be friends.”

Ross: “Naked friends…”

Wisdom of “Friends”

Chandler: So you don’t think I’m terminal?
Monica: You’re not terminal. We just need some damage control.
Chandler: OK. OK. So, should I call her?
Rachel & Monica: No!
Rachel: Very critical time right now. If you feel yourself reaching for that phone, you go shoe shopping. You get your butt in a bubble bath. If you want her back, you have got to start acting aloof.
Monica: She has to know that you’re not needy.
Chandler: So, I’m not gonna lose her?
Rachel: [going over to him and patting his head] Oh, honey, you’re not a total loser.
Chandler: I said, “So I’m not gonna lose her?”
Rachel: Oh.

I will never learn this. It’s terminal.