This should be the next #VisitPhilly campaign.

I went to check in at my hair salon on Facebook, and I had not previously been aware of the nearby options, but this sounds like the itinerary for an excellent day.

(The middle one is a Mexican restaurant.)

From the Department of Unexpected Dildos…

Text to friends this morning:

“Sometimes I forget I follow Kink Shoppe on Instagram, until I’m half-asleep and procrastinating getting out of bed and it’s like, “‘Oh, hey! Well, good morning to you, too, giant purple sex toys!’

P.S. Ha ha, my phone was at 37%. “My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!” “In a row?!”

I’d think my vagina is at least worth the Food Network.

I’m unpacking while the cable guy is here, and now that I’ve happened upon the “nightstand” bag, it occurs to me that I could probably at least negotiate an FXX/HGTV upgrade…