Come like no one’s watching.

Bwah ha ha… “Stop performing. Stop acting. You’re no actress. You work in Accounts Payable.”

Via Very Smart Brothas: Ask Agatha: I Can’t Orgasm During Sex. What Should I Do?

In which one technology judges another. Also, there are pancakes. 

I’m impressed with my suddenly seemingly stronger constitution, which did allow me to cry about my hurt feelings every chance I got for 36 hours, but then suddenly it was like, “Hey, you know what? Fuck you, Person Who Hurt Me,” and then there were pancakes and a new vibrator and everything was kind of OK again.

P.S. Oh, eat a dick, iPhone. You know good goddamn well what I meant, you judgey whore.

Gingers, Facebook, orgasm denial, and poor life choices 

Dear Facebook,

No, “That Guy” and “Unfunny Ginger Comedian” are NOT among the “people I may know” on your site. They ARE among the “people I’ve slept with.” Maybe start a separate suggestion list? But hey, thanks for making me consider all THAT again in the span of 5 minutes.

At least That Guy and I COULD have been friends if things hadn’t gone all stupid. But “learning experience” be damned, the comedian was just an almost impressively bad life choice. The only memorable things about that “relationship” were learning:

A. That it’s possible for a man to appear bored while I’m naked and riding him. (I HOPE I can chalk that up to his seemingly rampant control issues, but maybe I’m just bad at being on top.)

About orgasm denial via his goddamn Jedi mastery of the Hitachi Magic Wand.*

No, really. Thanks a pantload, Facebook.

No love,

* I have no idea what kind of dark sorcery y’all summon to determine when we’re on the verge of orgasm, but damn. I salute you. You’re doing God’s work. 

Down, girl

So, um… Apparently something at work is turning me on. A lot.

Hey there, Vagina. You haven’t worked with anyone who prompts this reaction in quite some time. There’s no one to ride here — quit it.

It has been a while, so maybe my body is just demanding attention: “Hey. Hey. Hey. You’re all set for moisture. Insert device here.”

Gonna take it right into my danger zone…

Another fun and informative class at Kink Shoppe with Yvette St. James — toys and apps and lubes, oh my! More classes to come! (Heh.)

Also, many thanks to the Kink staff for filling me in (tee hee) on the features of my next life investment…

A vast improvement on the scientific method

One of my OkCupid matches is a guy whose username is 12inchistoobig.* His profile says he chose the name because yes, it IS, and it’s been an issue for him sexually when the woman can’t take it. So he wants to warn us villagers up front.

He says he’ll prove he’s actually that big, which I suppose would be a fairly straightforward Exhibit A.

But then he says, before things get too involved, he also wants proof the woman can handle it, and the proof would be “they make toys in that size.” I’m not sure how that would go, exactly… Skype? FaceTime? Do you buy the toy, or is it a BYOBC situation?** If I’m comfortable enough to try a toy in your presence, we’ve gotten pretty close, so I should probably just try your dick, no?

Now, none of MY toys are that big — standard size gets the job done just fine.

So, no, Dirk Diggler, I don’t know if I COULD handle it, but…I mean…I feel like we should try. For research. I like science. Do you like science? We should science.

P.S. I’m…98% sure he’s full of shit. I just like to write long penis posts. 

*Not his real username.
** There’s a “five-dollar footlong” joke there somewhere, but I’m tired, and Jared ruined all Subway humor.

Make America Masturbate Again

Sometimes you’re in a bad emotional place.

But then your friend who works at the adult boutique texts you to report that a man wearing a Trump t-shirt bought a giant, veiny dildo, and suddenly everything else seems pretty insignificant by comparison.

P.S. If you wondered, the toy IS made in America. Because America’s ALREADY fucking great. (Literally, apparently.)

I scream, you scream, we all scream, “You’re an asshole!”

*sigh* Just…just… UGH. Go fuck yourself, seriously. Hard. With one of the scarier, more invasive dildos.

I don’t give a single kitten’s dick who you’re voting for — no one would have asked a man that question. No one.

Hmm… OK, wait, MAYBE someone would’ve asked Chris Christie. And whoever did would still be a total fucking asshole. But I’d wager they wouldn’t, because Christie probably could and would slap the Massengill outta ya for that kinda bullshit.

A friend of mine had a better reaction: “If you watch closely, there’s a split second where she turns and looks at someone who clearly GETS IT and her face just says, ‘FUCK THESE ASSHOLES. FUCK THE PATRIARCHY.’ At least, that’s what *I* saw. Then she visibly squared herself to take on the bullshit sexism of the world and had another bite of her fucking sundae.”