Whatcha gonna do with all that junk…?

I don’t understand transphobia. I have shit to do. I don’t have time to care who has what in their pants, what they do with it, where they pee. I’m BUSY. You fuckers need hobbies. Do you have Netflix? It’s pretty great, you should look into it. Maybe knitting?

PhD in GGG

Conversation with a friend who, if SHE started a sex blog, y’all would abandon my ass immediately, because she’s just way better at it…

Friend: I think I want to become a sex educator.
Me: You absolutely should. You’d be great at it.
Friend: Thank you. I’m going to see if I can volunteer at Planned Parenthood and go to some conferences. I can actually get a PhD in sexuality from Widener University.
Me: I feel like you should have that already, honorary style, just based on your extensive research.
Friend: Heh. I guess I could write a letter, “Hey, prestigious university people, I’ve fucked probably 100 guys, and given countless blowjobs, played with a few women, I’m GGG, I love sex and read about it all the time. I got this. Just hand over the paper.”

(Afterthought: Heh. “Widen-her” University. Obviously.)