I’m really more of a coffee person…

I am not going to Google “teabagging.”

I’m just not.

But I’m pretty sure it does not mean what Jen Lancaster (or her editor, apparently) thinks it means, as evidenced by this passage from her latest book, The Tao of Martha.
Now. Ahem. “Teabagging” does mean putting your balls in someone’s mouth, right? Or having someone’s balls in your mouth? Balls in mouth is the general idea?

Forgive me if it isn’t — I’m not some all-knowing sexual Sherpa, by any means. I just leaned what a dental dam is literally last night. (Tragically, no, no one took my oral exam — they explained it on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, of all places.)

Point? I’m pretty sure you’d know if you got teabagged. Like, you’d be aware. That’s not something that just happens without your knowledge, like a stranger stealing something out of your purse or “accidentally” copping a feel on some side boob. Once you’re getting/being teabagged, you have skeedaddled straight past “stranger” and, at a minimum, been promoted to “acquaintance.”