This is your brain on drugs.

I feel bad for people who won’t even TRY mental health drugs because they “don’t want to rely on them.”

Well, no, no one WANTS to, but you rely on Lipitor for your cholesterol, right? Maybe a blood pressure med?

Sometimes your body doesn’t give you the things you need, or gives you too much, because your body is an asshole. If I take a Wellbutrin every day and feel LESS like there’s no point in getting out of bed when it’s raining? I’ll call that a win.

This kinda hit home because it’s a blood relative who gets anxiety attacks if they’re around too many people, which…hi… 🙋🏻‍♀️

Whatever, man — maybe I DO rely on my drugs, but I also no longer break down in Target stores, so…again, win.

Business in the front, party in my pants!

Another unemployed friend and I discuss attending a staffing agency’s networking event:

Me: “Meh. I don’t know. Are you going? It probably can’t hurt, even if it just ends up being us going out to a bar.”

Him: “I’ll probably go. Free food and, worst-case scenario, you’ve spent an evening at a bar. You might even get laid.”

Me: “OK, I’m down. Let me know if you can’t make it. And I’ll need you to tell me what to wear that’s nice enough to get work, but sexy enough to get laid. Actually, if I could fuck a literary agent, that would be ideal.”

Let’s get me a sartorial mullet: business in the front, party in my pants!