“The line is your belt.”

I had lunch with my dad yesterday and tried to explain where the line is between him calling our server “honey” because he’s old and that’s what old people do, and some random middle-age fuckface calling ME “honey” on the subway because he’s a cretin.

But this morning it occurred to me — the line is your belt, Dad. You call a woman “honey” with your brain or your heart (ie, the bits ABOVE your belt)? COOL — fatherly.

You call her “honey” with your dick? NOT cool — Molester Uncle.

It’s not the word. It’s the smarm.

You know…sometimes you can just NOT say things.

Via Huffington Post: Public Food-Shaming Is The Insidious Type Of Street Harassment No One Is Talking About20140724-110802-40082515.jpgI debated posting this, because SOMETIMES I wonder if all this hand-wringing about bullying/shaming is overkill and maybe we all just need to toughen up a bit.

At the same time…people are fucking awful and I can’t believe they say these things to another human being.

And I’m not gonna lie, I still remember my mother’s coworker asking “Why are you so fat?” when I was a kid, or a neighbor telling me I didn’t need another doughnut because I was “big enough.” I was like 10. Shit stays with you. (Yes, they were assholes, and their opinions don’t matter to me, and I’ll eat a goddamn doughnut now if I want to, LIKE AN ADULT. But…it stays with you.)

So… I don’t know. Maybe don’t be a dick? That’s sort of my point here.

P.S. I left the ad for Breyer’s Gelato in my screen grab of that image, because how hilariously perfect is that?