Overthinking sleepwear

I can’t decide if it’s progress or pathetic that I’ve become a woman who’s wearing saucy things to bed “just for me.”

It’s one of those things you see women on TV wearing to bed alone and you’re like, “The fuck? Don’t you own yoga pants? They’re great. Or better yet, do you know how good it feels to sleep naked? Or am I woman-ing wrong, as always?”

Progress, sure, because “for me” is the main reason I should be wearing anything.

But there’s also the subtext of wearing it “for me” by default because no one else is interested in seeing it. (I know, I know — not fishing, just in a weird headspace. I’d want to see me. I’m adorable.)

Edited to add: This thing is actually massively uncomfortable, so screw it, back to naked. But I’ll wear pretty underthings tomorrow. For me.