Don’t trust that pizza. You in danger, girl.

This is the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. This woman is my new spirit animal.

But I need to go to Canada and show her what real pizza — and thus true love — is. That pizza doesn’t love you, Nicole. That pizza will betray you.

P.S. I didn’t even notice it said “shero,” because it was just too gloriously much at first, but really, that shit needs to stop. She’s a hero. That’s the word. Knock it off.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1

Nothing I have to say is as important as this. 

I had my own stuff to post tonight, but then I saw this and…welp, fuck it, we’ll deal with me tomorrow.

Watch These Men Finger Various Fruits In An Attempt To Understand The Vagina

P.S. Just for me personally…dude’s not wrong. 


There’s a time and place for “The Naked Man.” Wait. No, there isn’t. 

New rule: Body acceptance be damned, if *I* can’t be naked, YOU can’t be naked, and I am way the fuck cuter than you naked. 

By the way, I didn’t write this — I wish I had, but it’s a friend of a friend. I just love the wordplay that accompanies the incredibly valid point. “Ambushed.” Tee hee. (I know, I’m 12.)