Sometimes I ask silly questions.

Internal monologue:
“Ugh. Why would they do that?”
“Presumably so women can see Channing Tatum wet and shirtless.”
“…Right, then. Carry on.”

Via The Mary Sue: Splash Remake Will Star Lovelorn Merman Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell
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In which I betray the sisterhood…

Via The Mary Sue: Trevor Noah Lauds Women in Comedy, Acknowledges Vanity Fair Photo Spread

Honest question — how are you gonna shit on him for “man-splaining” when he’s…a man….you’ve asked…to explain something? I don’t think there was anything wrong with his answer. P.S. He’s an up-and-coming comedian about to take over a massive empire of a TV show. Exactly what 18- to 34-year-old male boat do you think he wants to rock right this minute?

That cover represents the CURRENT late-night hosts. Samantha Bee’s show won’t be on for months yet; Chelsea Handler’s show isn’t on anymore. If anything, I’m happy the cover is making so many people go, “Oh, hey, yeah, this IS a large group of white fucks. Let’s talk about that.”

I’m sure when Samantha Bee’s show gets closer, she’ll have a ton of covers (she BETTER), and I’m super excited to have a lady in late-night, but for right this second, yeah, it’s kind of a sausage-fest.

Get Shonda Rhimes on this, man. “Night Times with Shonda Rhimes?” I’d watch the HELL out of that.

Re-blog: Good Luck, Chucklefuck.

I don’t know how it’s even possible that I’ve never thought to say “chucklefuck” before, but I plan to remedy that immediately. 

Thank you, The Mary Sue. 

(Also, ew.) 

College Baseball Player Kicked Off Team for Tweeting Sexual Slur About Mo’Ne Davis