When your relatives ask when you’re gonna let a guy come in you…

“Your in-laws will be like, ‘Say, when are you gonna give us some grandkids?’ And they might as well say, ‘Say, when are you gonna start finishing inside our daughter?'”

I said something similar to my father once. That was the last time he asked.

This is a Nerdist podcast of Chris Hardwick’s latest standup special. I’m sure you can see/hear it online/on TV; I just happen to have found the podcast first.

A Father’s Day gift.

During my last relationship, my dad asked three times when we were going to give him some grandchildren.

The first two times, I didn’t want to be rude, so I just gave the generic answer: “When we’re married, have a house,” etc.

The third time, I said, “Dad, do you realize how gross it is to ask your daughter when she’s going to start having unprotected sex?”

Aaaand that was the last time I got that question.

Happy Father’s Day!