Again, I have my own things to write, but it’s been such a “Girl, PREACH” day on the Internet this morning. Just for the sake of brevity:
First, the new song from Adele, which…yes, as the article points out, please gut punch me right before the holidays. Bring it, Adele, I ain’t scared. (It’s got a li’l Lionel on it, but I’m not mad at it.)
Next, can we just talk again about Ashley Graham’s FINE ass? I’m suddenly pretty proud of things I have that jiggle, even if they jiggle in a whiter, cottage-cheesier way than hers do.

And last, from last night’s Scandal, Kerry Washington is my hero. I’m in the process of creating a “vision board” as one of the hippie-dippy elements of therapy (*eye roll*), and goddammit, I’m getting rid of everything I have and just building an altar to Kerry Washington, and obviously also to Shonda Rhimes. There will obviously be Scandles. (See what I did there?)