Pole-itical pandering.

WOW. Can you just…stop saying things?

Sometimes I shut my goddamn mouth specifically to avoid saying something stupid. You know, like THAT.

Via Huffington Post: John Kasich Is Seemingly Baffled By Young Women Who Get Politics 

Like… HOW? HOW? HOW are you at a mic in front of a crowd, thinking, “Oh. OH! This’ll be great, I’ll say THIS!” And then he trots offstage all, “You guys! Did you see? NAILED IT!”
They DO let women vote now, Governor. I know, right? I was shocked, too! But I watched “Suffragette” the other day and apparently it’s a thing! Obviously I’m not 100% sure because there’s so little room in my brain for facts next to Taylor Swift and rainbows, but..Votes from the Vaginal WOULD add to your bottom line, no? (And I do mean “bottom,” because you’re totally fucked here.)

Any politician worth electing would at LEAST give us pretty little ladies the ILLUSION that he gave a shit. Bernie Sanders has effectively assembled a goddamn army of ride-or-dies, with a shit-ton of Millennials ready to do his bidding, at least until their Adderall wears off. And Donald Drumpf has found his niche of angry middle-class (read: po’) white folk ready to make America great again. Whatever disagreements I have with them, those guys know how to work that pole.

Jesus Christ, Kasich — who the fuck taught you how to pander?