“I got a man.” “You got a WHAT? How long ya had that problem?”

Hm. So, when you hear through a mutual friend that the person you’re seeing may (MAY) have hooked up with someone else in his Christmas travels… the normal reaction is NOT “Oh, good, that’ll make it easier to end it,” right?

And to not really be bothered in the slightest that he may have been with someone else… also not optimal? Generally speaking, if I care about someone in a romantic capacity, I get a little cranky when I think about them with anyone else, so it’s not like I’m above jealousy. I’m not batshit about it — I’m not gonna go “Waiting to Exhale” on a guy — but I’m normally at least miffed. Sometimes even peeved. Now? Nada.

Yes, yes… This IS a conundrum.

(I know I can’t just assume, and I won’t. I was more considering how strange it is that I’m enjoying the potential.)


I’m looking for a full-time job, and I think it’d be spectacularly twisted if I ended up getting the one I’m applying for at a wedding magazine.

“Nope, not married. No foreseeable plans to get married — severe, possibly permanent damage about the entire idea, actually. But I’ve been in a committed relationship with pretty dresses and shiny objects my entire life, and I envy people who have the emotional capacities to commit to a lifelong relationship when I can’t even commit to a shampoo.”

Plus, I mean… inside access to the wedding industry would make for some amazing blog posts.