The dichotomy of my Tumblr feed.

About a week ago, I posted about following two new blogs on Tumblr — one is all erotic images/GIFs, and the other shares news stories about violence against women.

I think I have to delete both of these. Don’t get me wrong — the ‘When Women Refuse’ blog is pivotal and I think we should all know this is a problem. But I already know it’s a problem, and seeing it daily makes me want to curl into a ball and never leave the house again. (Especially with a serial rapist roaming my neighborhood for the past couple weeks.)

As for the erotica blog, I pretty much just can’t stop masturbating, which gets problematic at work. Hm. Maybe for that one, I just won’t check Tumblr ’til I get home…

Tumbling tumult

Yesterday I started following a Tumblr page called When Women Refuse, full of accounts of violence against women who’ve refused dates, sex, etc.

I also started following The Lady Cheeky, which is a stream of artsy yet porny images and GIFs.

My Tumblr feed is now a very confusing place.