Sexy, sexy llamas. 

The oddest things make me feel sexy.

I’m wearing a shirt with llamas on it, but the back of it is scoop-cut lower than shirts I’m used to, and my hair is clipped up, so I have my neck and, like, five inches of back/shoulder exposed, with an occasional peek of bra strap, but I totally feel like I could make men do my bidding.

My llama bidding.

Shut up, don’t judge.

2 thoughts on “Sexy, sexy llamas. 

  1. Where did the ‘Like’ button go?? (Or am I doing it wrong? It’s been a long and ridiculous Friday, despite copious amounts of sugar in the form of donuts and ice cream, so it’s very possible I’m doing it wrong. But I’m fairly sure it used to be obvious and now I can’t find it.)

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