SPOILER ALERT: Jesse Pinkman is my New Feminist Icon.

Everyone who cares has seen the Breaking Bad finale, no? I’ll do my best to hide this, just in case…

I thought you’d all be amused to know that Jesse Pinkman is my new feminist icon.

Because we’ve encountered a generation that clearly has difficulty understanding the notion of consent, I offer the following as a preliminary script during foreplay:

Walt: “Do it. You want this.”
Jesse: “Say you want this. Nothing happens until I hear you say it.”
Walt: “I want this.”

Sure, that was followed by Jesse dropping the gun and, if we see the metaphor through, telling Walt to go fuck himself. And it might be a little disturbing that that was my takeaway from dialogue that took place at gunpoint in a meth lab. But I stand by it…bitch.

P.S. Mmm, just LET Bryan Cranston say “I want this” to me. He’ll be Cranston in the Middle…of My Thighs. UNF.

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