PhD in GGG

Conversation with a friend who, if SHE started a sex blog, y’all would abandon my ass immediately, because she’s just way better at it…

Friend: I think I want to become a sex educator.
Me: You absolutely should. You’d be great at it.
Friend: Thank you. I’m going to see if I can volunteer at Planned Parenthood and go to some conferences. I can actually get a PhD in sexuality from Widener University.
Me: I feel like you should have that already, honorary style, just based on your extensive research.
Friend: Heh. I guess I could write a letter, “Hey, prestigious university people, I’ve fucked probably 100 guys, and given countless blowjobs, played with a few women, I’m GGG, I love sex and read about it all the time. I got this. Just hand over the paper.”

(Afterthought: Heh. “Widen-her” University. Obviously.)

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